Truck Rental vs. The Professionals

Moving Truck Rental vs. Professional Movers

Moving Truck Rentals:

- Calculate the cost. Although moving truck rentals may seem more economical than professional movers, once all the extra costs have been considered, it may not be the cheapest option. Include factors such as the cost of moving truck rentals, gas, tolls, lodging, meals and so on. If you need to miss work to drive the moving truck, this is also figured in to the total cost of a self-move.

- Self-moves are best for short distances. Moving across the country is more difficult to accomplish without the aid of professional movers.

- Obtain assistance from family and friends. Make certain that there will be people to help you load and unload the moving truck, especially with heavy furniture, fragile items and large appliances.

Professional Movers:

- Assess the cost of using professional movers. Though it may seem more expensive at first, it may end up being the more economical solution.

- Consider time saved and stress levels reduced. With moving services from professionals, the entire moving process can be managed for you - from the planning, packing and loading to the unloading, unpacking and debris removal.

- During a self-move, you are responsible for any damage or loss of property. The moving services of professional movers will include damage and/or loss protection and reparation.

- Experienced, skilled professional movers will be handling your move. This means your belongings will be properly packed, loaded and unloaded appropriately. Also, there are full-service moving options down to do-it-yourself moving services, allowing you to choose how involved the moving company will be.

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